acronis disk director suite 10.0 bootable iso

IsMyLcdOK (Monitor Test).02: Allows you to myob compliance accountright plus v19 update test CRT/LCD/TFT screens for dead pixels and diffective screens (Windows Freeware).
AiO-SRT_o o - WD Hard Disk diagnostics for IDE systems (does not work on sata/raid/scsi drives).
Explore2fs.08b: GUI explorer tool for accessing linux ext2 and ext3 filesystems under windows (Windows Freeware).
Acronis Disk Director now supports uefi.Write Protect USB Devices: Tweak your PC to make USB Pen Drive, Memory Card or Thumb Drive as Read Only (Windows Freeware).Universal TCP/IP Network.5: msdos Network Client to connect via TCP/IP to a Microsoft based network.Registry Editor.9c: Easy editing of remote registry hives and user profiles (Windows Freeware).

Other Tools Bulk Rename Utility : Rename multiple files, change timestamps and rename using exif data with the click of a button.
HDTune.55: Hard disk benchmarking and information tool.
O Offline HP Smart Storage Administrator Utility 5/1/2015).
ReactOS LiveCD - must extract all files from the ISO and use the.mnu file in docs folder (Note: USB support seems to be broken in recent versions so it no longer boots!) igel- see tutorial 38 for workaround.Windows 8/10 Recovery - copy the ISOdocsSample mnu filesWindowsBoot_Recovery_u" file to _isomainmenu and you should be able to boot to the Recovery.Exe update and place in the root of the USB drive) HP Vision Diagnostic ISO E2B fixed or Removable drive- copy all folders except boot and sources to the root of the E2B USB drive and boot from ISO.Ntfs Dos.02: To access ntfs partitions from Dos (Dos Freeware).You must first MBR-boot or use the _isoswitch_E2B.exe utility utility to 'switch in' the image partition file.Knoppix.05 knoppix_o, knoppix_o - To add Persistence - see here SeaTools Seagate HDD DOS ISO O (Press I for Ignore if using an emulator) (will test non-Seagate disks too).Img file (.ISO will not work) and convert.imgPTN file using MakePartImage.For v11: And, for v10: Finally, add the following to your C:gdefault file: # Option 4 - Boot Acronis Disk Director.0.Its potentially-dangerous and advanced features are sensibly hidden behind a link that opens a full version of the program for experts who know how to use.Ntpwd: Utility to reset windows NT/2000/XP administrator/user password.