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So, now we super mario 3d land guide finally have all the pieces of serial dilution assembled: Dilute Calculate dilution factor Plate Repeat To make things easier, the standard operating procedure is to go by factors of 10, and ccie wireless lab workbook to do about 5 or 6 plates altogether.
In the applet below, you can practice the whole process of serial dilution from beginning to end.
You definitely need at least 1 dilution, in case Frank is somewhere in the 300 or 400 per mL range.
For example, we could take super-strong cofee, dilute it by 1/5, then dilute that by 1/10.Below, you can practice a couple more dvd player apps for windows 8 times.Presumably he was not interested in getting a haircut.Many of the same issues scaling up, error propagation apply to other things that people want to count, like insects, birds, contaminants, pollutants, human population So, we re going to start by talking about scaling.

Oh, and tmtc means Too Many To Count.
The trickier part is figuring out a series of dilutions that will achieve your overall dilution.
Since we cleverly labeled each plate with its overall dilution factor, we also know how to scale back up to get the original concentration.
Repeat 3 more times.What was the TA s dilution factor.Clearly this is not something you want to go out and count.When he explained the predicament, she just smiled and said all you need is plain old multiplication.According to one website, there are 4140 barbers in Chicago in early 2006 - and according to that same website, this is a question sometimes used in job interviews to determine how well candidates think on their feet.That would be a dilution factor of 1,000,000, or 0,000.This printer-friendly version should be used only to review, as it does not contain any of the interactive material, and only a skeletal version of problems solved in the module.My very own recipe.OK, that s a good point.There are statistical ways to determine exactly what range you think the anwer lies in, but we ll save that for a different module.