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The campaign begins in the Atlantis where Arkantos Admiral is responsible for returning the favors of the god Poseidon.
In his sleep, Arkantos met Athena who reveals the designs of Gargarensis.
Zeus then destroyed the city with meteorites.
How To Download Age of Mythology pc top games 2012 Gold Edition Free For PC ».An old man then gives them a banner able to reunite northern clans, but it proves to be the god Loki, who has partnered with Gargarensis, and the banner only attract their hostility clans.Arkantos then finds in Egypt where he is forced to help the Amanra mercenary to fight bandits led by Kemsyt assassin.Arriving in the north, two dwarfs Brokk and Eitri guide them to Tartarus after the quArkantos has helped to fight giants.NVidia GeForce 8800ATI Radeon 4800, installation Method, unrar the setup.

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GPU: 16 MB video card required.
Sound: Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio.
In its release, the game was well received by the press, which emphasizes the quality of its realization and innovations over previous titles developed by the studio.
Game Size.6 GB, game RAR Password m, download Link.With the help of Arkantos, Chiron and Ajax, Amanra manages to resurrect Osiris, who defeated without evil army Gargarensis.The game, however, stands out from its predecessors thanks to its 3D engine and new elements of gameplay.The game introduces indeed a stronger differentiation between civilizations, new types of units as heroes or mythical creatures and gods an unprecedented system to unlock divine powers and technologies.To win, the player must collect resources enabling it to build bases and to create an army capable of defeating the enemy.Ajax then advises Arkantos navigate to Ioklos Kingdom of the centaur Chiron, to repair his boat.Like its predecessors, the player must evolve a civilization across four ages the age archaic, age classic, the Heroic Age and the mythical age to unlock new technologies, buildings and units 3,.RAM: 128 MB of system RAM.Worried, he managed to destroy the rams used by the Cyclops but gets stuck underground.