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Aituc and Central Trade Unions have been following up these demands with the Government and as a result, recently on, the Central Government called for a Tripartite meeting on the issue of revising the ceiling on Gratuity.
Ramachandran (uploaded on ) 10th BPS for Workmen Staff - Memo of Settlement Released (uploaded on ) aibocs Press Note Is A Bundle of Lies And Half Truths by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on ) Retirees Completely Dumped by IBA and ufbu : They say "There.
When an employee or officer retires from the Bank, his/her Gratuity entitlement would be calculated both under the Act and under BPS/OSR and the higher of the two will be paid.
DA for Pensioners vcd dat file converter : (uploaded on ).
ufbu Urgently Needs to Clarify Whether New Allowance Will Attract DA?Overwhelming Bankers wants to go on indefinite Strike before Diwali ( uploaded on - 21:00 Hours ) Reports.00 PM indicates that meeting with IBA is over. .We have provided options for sale of Properties under sarfesai and thus for larger viewership of sale of defaulter's properties, they can use this forum free OF cost. .You to have to wait and watch (uploaded on 6/02/2014) - Details to follow on receipt of detailed circular, Revised Pension DA Calculator for Pensioners from February 2014 to July, 2014 - Download Excel File Only moderate increase of 25 slabs (3.75) in DA from.Next round of talks on 27th January, 2014. .Will they offer another lollipop?(In SBI, Gratuity is payable under the Act only).Iv) Gratuity to be paid at 30 days wage per year instead of 15 days wage as atpresent.Dearness Relief for Pensioners since 1993 - Need for DA neutralisation for pre 1/11/ 2002 pensioners.FOR bankers ( Bankers from All ed sheeran i see fire Bankers Must Come Together and Support Unions to honorably settle the issues with IBA).Thus, a well-developed pattern was established over the next rounds of bipartite system in carrying forward the attempts made by Pillai Committee for the purpose of standardization of the salary scales and compensation system in the Banking industry.

Talks between IBA and the bank unions under the banner of United Forum of Bank Unions (ufbu) are to be held at Mumbai on May 2, according to enkatachalam, General Secretary of the All India Bank Employees Association (aibea).
(11.30 PM on 16th March, 2015) Retired Bankers Remind ufbu Leaders About Their Aspirations Which Can Be Met from Current Surplus Funds To Be Available This Year Itself (uploaded on ) Hot Talks - List of Nine newly appointed EDs Released - Banks also allotted.
New Discussion Updates - From January, 2016 onwards : 11th Bipartite Settlement - Charter of Demands (part 3) by Pannvalan (uploaded on ) 11th Bipartite Settlement - Charter of Demands (part 2) by Pannvalan (uploaded on ) 11th Bipartite Settlement - Charter of Demands (part.
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The Banking Industry is overwhelmingly under the control of the Government of India due to the historical decisions taken by the Government of India during 19The Nationalization of Banks was in the best interests of the economy and to take Banking facilities to the nook.Please treat the matter as urgent.Joint Note dated between IBA and Officers Associations.IBA seems to have Zero commitment level towards Bank Employees.Different banks had different service conditions and compensation system creating serious problems in the area of HR management.The present decision of some of the Banks, in particular game of life for mac full version the bigger Banks, seem to create a similar disparity which was prevailing earlier to distort the broad parity that is prevailing in the banking industry by attempting to retain the right of decision in regard.Will Modi Government Expose More Who Have Become CMDs by Greasing Previous Government Officials?8 lacs under the Act and hence would be paid.