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The Lodi Dynasty was founded by Bahlol Lodhi.
The largest producer of Steel and aluminium is USA.
Jahan Ara begum was the daughter of Shah Jahan.
Motta Imam Malak, Kitab Al-Assar.
Turkmanistan is the largest natural gas producer among Muslim countries.Tamizuddin The author of famous book, Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy is Henry Kissinger.Jabir bin hayan Songs of blood and swords book is written by Fatima Bhutto The last Governor General and first viceroy of united India was Lord Cunning.Imam-e-Dar-ul-Hijrat was a title of: Imam Malik e seal affixed on important letters by prophet (SAW) real player new version 2011 was in the Custody of: Hazrat khuzaifa (RA) een ul-Umat is the title of Hazrat: Abu-ubaida bin Al jaraah (RA) 407.After itunes gift cards codes 7 days the Aqeeqa ceremony of Prophet was held.Abdullah bin Ubai accompanied with 300 men.April 1984, India conducted an Operation known as Operation Meghdoot to capture Siachen.

Badshahi Mosque was built by Aurangzeb Alamgir at Lahore in 1674.
Battle of Hunain fought b/w Muslims and Hawazin Tribe.
Minsk is the capital of?
Firdausi wrote Shahnama and was also a court poet of Mahmud of Ghazni.
Harb-i-Fajjar was a war fought b/w Quraish and Bani Hawazin Prophet was of 15 years and participated.An onomastician studies what Names Thanatology is the study of what Death The study of human population is called Demography.Debtors are likely to benefit by Inflation.Rohtas Fort: A Fort located near Jehlum River was constructed by Sher sever vo lam 2 lau 2011 Shah Suri as a defence against Gakhars.Explain the first and the last Aqeeda (Belief)?300 Which of the following diseases is caused by virus?Injeel means Good news.The Kelven scale of temperature is called the absolute scale.