alt disk copy aix

Assume you have a software two-disk (hdisk0 and hdisk1) mirror of rootvg, and further assume that you are going to backup exec 2012 server 2000 agent do a ML (or application upgrade, assuming it is installed in rootvg) upgrade on this system.
# bootlist -m normal -o hdisk0 blvhd5 hdisk1 blvhd5 For this demonstration, that's it: mission accomplished.
The entries should start with the /.If the fix worked on (old_rootvg) hdisk0, then run with the new ML version.The basic format is: alt_rootvg_op -X cloned rootvg to destroy # alt_rootvg_op -X altinst_rootvg Bootlist is set to the boot disk: hdisk0 Next, avg tuneup 2011 trial extend rootvg to bring hdisk1, and then mirror up the disk: # extendvg -f rootvg hdisk1 # mirrorvg rootvg hdisk chvg: The.But what if the upgrade fails?

# bootlist -m normal hdisk0 Confirm the change of the bootlist: # bootlist -m normal -o hdisk0 blvhd5 Next, install the ML upgrade, then reboot.
Simply supply hdisk1 as a parameter to the command.
I will demonstrate one way this can be done to clone the disk and after a successful upgrade will bring the disk back into rootvg and re-mirror.
The alt command can also provide a path to a migration of a rootvg disk to another hardware.
dev/hd2 1968.00 111.Forced unmount of /alt_inst/var forced unmount of /alt_inst/usr forced unmount of /alt_inst/tmp forced unmount of /alt_inst/opt forced unmount of /alt_inst/home forced unmount of /alt_inst forced unmount of /alt_inst Fixing LV control blocks.# bootlist -m normal -o hdisk1 blvhd5 The system is now back to the pre-upgrade state.But be careful dont add new filesystems or change something on the server, that changes files in rootvg, including ODM.Fixing LV control blocks.Update usually runs very long.Then, user must modify bootlist to include: hdisk0 hdisk1.We can boot from patch pes 6 brasileirao 2010 either disk and have the same system.Check first which disks are there, and from which disk the lpar was booted: lsvg -p rootvg bootinfo -b, remove another disk from rootvg!Modifying ODM on cloned disk.