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Example of some simple C program.Huffman code, Lempel-ziv code.Webester ed / Medical Insturmentation / Houghton Mifflin, 1978.Wave and Tidal Wave: Principle of working performance and limitations.09 ordinary differential equations: First order differential equations exact and reducible to exact form.Unit I Analog Digital signals, AND, OR, NOT, nand, NOR XOR gates, Boolean algebra.Resistance, r R viR, vrmsIrmsR, eIrms2Rt inductance 2fL jL vLdi/dt VrmsIrms2fL ELi2/2 capacitance 1 2fC) 1/jC iCdv/dt VrmsIrms 2fC) ECv2/2 Notes: R- resistance in ohms, L- inductance in henrys, C- capacitance in farads, f - frequency in hertz, t- time in seconds,.14159;.D) Projection of points, lines and solids, e) Section of Solids f) Development and Intersection of Surface g) Isomeric Projections Create a WEB page containing hyperlinks to the pages having information about Science and Technology.Robotics Robot and their uses.Stallings, Computer Communication Networks, PHI, 1999.Chapter 11: Bill Moss, Tentmaker by Robert Gannon. .

Woods, Pearson,5th edition 2005.
Of Hrs.: 11 Unit-II Image Enhancement : Spatial domain methods, frequency domain methods, Enhancement by point processing, spatial filtering.lowpass filtering, High pass filtering Homomorphic filtering, Colour image processing.
Electrical voltage is represented by the letter "V" in formulas and it is the electrical pressure a moving charge is under. .
Inter-process Communication and Synchronization of Processes, Tasks and Threads, Problem of Sharing Data by Multiple Tasks, Real Time Operating Systems: OS Services, I/O Subsystems, Interrupt Routines in rtos Environment, rtos Task Scheduling model, Interrupt Latency and Response times of the tasks. .
Uncertainty based Information: Information Uncertainty, Nonspecificity of Fuzzy Crisp Sets, Fuzziness of Fuzzy Sets.Common capacitors come in values of microfarads or Pico farads. .Genetic Algorithm: An Overview, GA in problem solving, Implementation of.Image Compression : Coding, Interpixel and psycho visual Redundancy, Image compression models error free comparison, lossy compression, Image compression standards.Unit I Introduction: Measurement of Information, Channel Capacity, Communication System Architecture, Basic Optical Communication System, Advantage of Optical Communication System.Machine moulding Making of mould using Match-plate pattern.Losses are doubled by using two transformers, but this does not matter for the test.