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17 Ownership changes edit On July 10, 2013, Linden Lab announced that they had acquired Desura.
The project was first publicly announced on December 16, 2009.
Dead Strike, pidáno :.05.2014 Unity3D Zastavte zombíky, kteí likvidují toto msto.
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Pidáno :.04.2017 html5Vytváejte neustále svj quantitative aptitude by arun sharma full pdf prostor vtí a vtí.6 The Desura Windows client was released to the public on December 18, 2010.Many independent developers and small companies publish their content on Desura including.Knights and Brides Pidáno : FlashZajimavá online hra, ve které budete soupeit s rytíi.Linden Lab, and then to Bad Juju Games, which filed for bankruptcy in June 2015.Bike Ride Pidáno :.06.2017 html5Zajezdte si po dálnici na motorce a vyhnte se ostatním jezdcm.