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Tee works on an Art project, but Kazima criticizes it and she introduces Tee to her friend, street artist Roscoe (Simeon Zack).
Harry cheered up Mo, saying that when a bird pooed on you, it was lucky (something Sapphire had told him).
Whilst the others (except Jody and Elektra) were out, Mo took belongings from the other residents' rooms and (with Floss's help) built an "Ant Theme Park" by placing jam on the belongings to attract krrish 3 game for psp the ants, which he had brought into the house.
Series 4 (2016 series 5 (2017 tracy Beaker, dani Harmer, main.Mischief left the show when Bailey did in series 5 as both went to America.He is close to his half sisters Roxy and Chantal, and is a rebellious bully at first and immediately argues with Crash.The owners of the stall chase Liam.Kingsley introduces her to his girlfriend, Rosie (Zoe Iqbal) and Jody lets them sell Mike's carriage clock when Kingsley owes money to a gang.

They then make.
Elektra left Elm Tree House following the conclusion to the first series of "The Dumping Ground".
Jody isn't keen on going home and Rob asks Jody if she wants to talk to him on her own, but Jody says she is OK and has nothing to say.
However, they go home early and unknown to Kazima, a large amount of cash is in her bag and Maz (Natifa Mai) and Max (Frankie Wilson).
Layla is described as a kind and caring person, although get's upset very quickly, especially when Hayley left without telling her.He moved into care after his parents died in a car crash.Who arrived the following day.Kazima sleeps on Frank's bedroom floor and when Mike and May-Li (Stacy Liu) discover this, they tell Kazima boys and girls cannot share rooms for their own protection.Carmen (Amy-Leigh Hickman) asks Christie if she can stay with them, but Christie says she is there to collect Lily.