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Mike Isaac new York Times : Uber's Search for Chief Executive Nearing a Decision.
Aug 24 10:43, aug.
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Tony Romm / paraben device seizure 5.0 crack @tonyromm : Here's Khosrowshahi talking about Google with FT: m/.
He has done a great job turning Expedia around, read thus: m/.
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Modest Proposal / @modestproposal1 : Dara is walking away from a massive pay m/1sKRxdneqf @recode : Khosrowshahi, according to PitchBook, is a personal investor in Convoy, a company that has been described as Uber for trucking.Kara Swisher / @karaswisher : If Whitman becomes ceo of uber, how Kalanick's role will be positioned will be most interesting part.Hannah Kuchler / @hannahkuchler : Read @lesliehook's interview with incoming Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, from last month when he was CEO of Expedia.Rafat Ali / @rafat : Bringing on Dara as Uber CEO is an inspired choice.Everything stays up to date so you always know where to find game times, trending topics, or important documents.This optimization is on by default.With this feature, this restriction has been lifted.Saqib Shah engadget : Uber drivers can now share their location with friends and family.The wait option is the new default.