canon powershot a550 manual

That's quite a bit higher than average.
Canon's interface has evolved to a point of excellence, as well, with most of the features you'll find on Canon's more expensive digicams.
Setup Menu : This menu is available in all exposure modes, simply fun games for children by pressing the Canon A550's Menu button and selecting the Setup tab.
Like all Canon digicams, the A550 uses Canon's excellent and fast 9-point.Startup image : Turns startup image display on or off.viewfinder: Optical / LCD, extended ISO: 80 - 800, shutter: 1/ seconds.Grid and mask : Turning on the grid helps you frame your shots, and the mask shows you how your shots will look printed on 4x6 paper.But if you just want to keep it simple, the A550 is an excellent, can't-lose proposition.But a howling wolf for the Self Timer mode?The Automobile industry should take note.I prefer to keep things simple.Canon PowerShot A550 User Report, i find it amazing that camera manufacturers like Canon can improve on image quality and performance while adding features and still sell a camera for less than the model it replaces.The telephoto side of the zoom toggle lets you zoom in on a portion of the image, while the wide-angle side backs you out again, and lets you step out to an index view of captured images, displayed as nine thumbnails at a time.

Print at 8x10, and you won't notice that it's an ISO 800 shot unless you get out the loupe (a loupe is a magnifier; if anyone gets out a loupe, remind them what you paid windows 8 activator full version 64 bit for this fine little shooter).
In my opinion, less is more when it comes to a camera meant for the mass-market.
Overall, images from the Canon A550 are excellent at all ISO settings, keeping with tradition for the A-series.
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Most people could learn to love the Canon PowerShot A550 without ever moving the dial from its green auto position.The A550's 9-point AiAF autofocus system is excellent for candid shooting, and its high ISO functions are actually useful, turning out images that make excellent 8x10 prints.Basic Features.1-megapixel CCD delivering image resolutions as large as 3,072 x 2,304 pixels.0-inch color LCD monitor Real-image optical viewfinder.8-23.2mm lens (equivalent to 35-140mm zoom on a 35mm camera).0x digital zoom AiAF 9-zone autofocus and a single zone autofocus mode.The 2-inch LCD screen also edges out its.8-inch forerunner.The camera looks at the scene and selects from nine areas of the frame to find what it thinks are the most important points.Date Stamp : Only available in Postcard mode (set via the Function menu allows printing of Date or Date and Time on photo.Those already familiar with Canon cameras will feel right at home.Lens:.00x zoom (35-140mm.