cdot honcho no hook pt 3

Please do not pull on this straight.
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Lean sparks, seller tryna' get the call of duty 5 patch 1.3 packs off.
Verse 5: Sumo, niggas can't hang wit' me if they acts off.
She saw I got racks, she said bust anywhere.On the stand in front of every damn sto' shit.Yo bitch tryna bust on the stairs.Yo thing wanna see the thing's clap off Mac out, left the whole clip at the trap house Act out, clap now, got y'all AK wanna spit, Imma run this fuckin mac out Verse 6: Cdot Honcho AK, it'a blow a nigga back out.

You pull up, hopped out, oh shit.
Pull up, hopped out, wit' the loaded clip.
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Finna' knock his fuckin' top off.
Try to run, bullets catch.Hop off, get the cops out.Post up wit the pop, sit, go shit.Verse 4: Cdot Honcho, daaamn, now we on the kick door shit.Imma let the opp talk, on my dick a hot ball.Fuck around and get smoked quick, got to blow shit.Big bro, he'a bust anywhere, got 30 in the clip, you'a leave any there.Verse 7: Sumo Keep it in, 100 on some real shit They send me, I said I'm comin up to kill swift They ass lyin' if they say they wanna kill shit Haters fuzzin' up, nigga Imma have to kill shit Tell them hoe boys.Can't kick it wit?