change spelling language in powerpoint mac 2011

We decided to explain both version due to the plants vs zombies game for windows 8 slightly difference in the configuration steps.
Note that, english (United States) is the default proofing language in this case, as indicated by its first position in the.
Click Yes to change Words default spelling and grammar checking language to the language you selected.Figure 6: Default proofing language changed Now, when you spell check your slides, the text in the entire presentation will be proofed for the language set for proofing.Although of course in many case this is better done by changing the slide master, a presentation that has had many editors may have lots of 'hard' formatting set which deviates from the underlying master and needs resetting to be consistent.Answered, in you go to the apple then to settings then to change language then to whtever u want ;D next.Step 1, to configure the proofing language in PowerPoint 2011 (Mac) you need to navigate to the.You can change Words default language dictionary: Choose ToolsLanguage.

In the Apple Mac PowerPoint (version 2011) the language configuration is slightly different, mainly because the dictionary setting of Mac OS is not so tightly integrated as the one of Windows and Office 2013.
Step 2 and your proofing language is not installed in your office version, you will need to open.
If you execute, step 2 only selecting some Text Boxes in your presentation.The user is able to configure language priorities through the preference order in the list.A pop-up will appear to change the default language.Step 4, once you have selected your proofing language, you can trigger the spell checking tool through the Review Ribbon Proofing Tab Spelling Button.Click OK to close the Language dialog.A Popup will appear with the list of available proofing languages counter strike 1.6 badboy v5 hack installed.The tools is so powerful that allows several proofing languages in the same presentation.This will set the selected language as the default proofing language which is indicated by its first position within the Mark selected text as list within Language dialog box as shown highlighted in red within Figure.The question and answer are locked and cannot be edited.