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The title the player gets for the fourth prestige is a reference to the name of the campaign titled "For the Record".
Prestige 1, prestige 2, prestige 3, prestige.
The player used to gain access to certain lobbies in the Prestige playlist, but this has been deleted as very few players used.
Any levels after 55 are marked with a orange color, and new update offline nod32 v4 every 100 search registry editor windows 7 levels the player can choose a prestige icon from an earlier Treyarch Call of Duty game (for example, at level 100 they can choose prestige 1 icon from World at War, Black.However, on March 14, 2017, twenty new Prestiges were added.For every other prestige level until Prestige 10, a new Create-a-Class slot will be unlocked, for a total of 10 at tenth prestige.At launch, only ten Prestiges were available.New character gear is added every two prestiges.Call of Duty: World at War.Prestige Three is based off a cyclops, most likely Polyphemus."Knife Veteran" and ones below "Knife Veteran Prestige 1 Prestige 2 Prestige 3 Prestige 4 Prestige 5 Prestige 6 Prestige 7 Prestige 8 Prestige 9 Prestige 10 Add a photo to this gallery Call of Duty: Black Ops Edit In Call of Duty: Black Ops.However, it is not legitimately reachable.The player must progress through the ranks to unlock challenges and weapons again.In addition, weapons can also be put to Prestige Mode up to two times, resetting their levels to 1 in exchange for the ability to place the player's Clan Tag and Emblem on the weapon at first and second Prestiges, respectively, as well as progressing.Each time the player reaches level 2 on each Prestige, they will gain an exclusive title and emblem.

The list of icons, as well as which levels they are unlocked at, are as follows: Shadows (Unlocked at Level 100 Corrupted, Watcher, Teddy-Thulu, Summoning Key Power Ups (Unlocked at Level 200 Double Points, Fire Sale, Instakill, Death Machine Alternate Ammo (Unlocked at Level 300.
Sergeant Roebuck gamer picture at first Prestige and a Sergeant Reznov gamer picture at 10th Prestige, there are also two secret achievements on Xbox 360 associated with Prestige, although they are not worth any Gamerscore.
There are also certain Titles and Emblems that can only be unlocked through Prestige Mode.
In addition, the player is given a choice to redeem one of the following Prestige Awards.The 14th prestige emblem is similar to the Call of Duty: World at War Marine Raiders team or the Carlson Raiders Marine Force.Players also unlock some Prestige Challenges to level up faster and get some new Callsigns.The challenges unlocked through Prestige for each gun persist to the next Prestige level (the kills and headshots for each gun's Mastery and Veteran challenges do not reset).Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered ) camouflages.In the Xbox and Wii versions of the game there is a glitch that allows players to transport Perks to different profiles, which some players use to unlock Perks early.However, weapon and challenge progress remain untouched.