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Bots start at a random rank.
Call of Duty 5: World at War.
Multiplayer Edition (2008).
Call of duty 4 Standart, call of duty 4 hard acemod.No longer require sv_botsRandomInput dvar in the command line."Being obvious" distance increased - bots will see you from a slightly longer distance away if you are not moving.Bots may now melee enemy dogs.Call of Duty 5 (COD WAW).Call of Duty: World at War.Bots will now choose a perk upon spawning.(Press "B" (default) then select Pezbot) - The mod will now appear in the mod list on the game menu.Rewaypointed Seelow for better performance - from 486 to 373 waypoints.Fixed waypoint bugs in all maps.

Added dvars: svr_pezbots_axis svr_pezbots_allies to give greater control and allow uneven team selection.
Bots will now choose attachments for weapons.
Bots may spread out / flank more.
Call of duty 4 modern warfare multiplayer.7 keygen.Call of duty 4 megatron Hard.Added in-game Pezbot menu allowing you to change Pezbot settings without having to use the console.Call of Duty World at War multiplayer singleplayer rrent.Duty 5: World at War.