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I've tested this process Mac OS using the latest version of Processing. .
The largest sized records are 12" in diameter (30cm). .
As the worlds leading provider, these data converters enable accurate and reliable conversion performance in a range of applications such as communications, energy, healthcare, instrumentation tchaikovsky the nutcracker suite overture march and measurement, motor and power control, industrial automation, and aerospace/defense.
Here is the final code: /audio tests /by Amanda Ghassaei /Jan 2013 /m/id/Laser-Cut-Record/ * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by * the Free Software Foundation; either.Here is the result: Unfortunately at this point I was using the last of our plywood stock, so I couldn't be too picky about how flat the ply was, but it still (surprisingly) plays fine(ish). .and here's a video of the results: (the 139hz sine wave may be too low to hear with laptop speakers) I was really happy with these first tests. .Go to Effect Low Pass Filter.I used this to calculate the following table: bit depth horizontal displacement steps of resolution um um.344mm.688mm.376mm 256 The bolded rows in the table are the numbers that I wanted to shoot for with this project. .Even though on some level I knew this would be a bit of a disaster, here's my first attempt with audio: The song is Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division. .Although a horizontal displacement of about.5mm is quite large compared to a normal record, I think somewhere in that range will work.The dark objects in the grooves are tiny particles of dust. .

Open the Processing sketch. .
At first I thought I was overloading the machine with data, but then I realized that the machine does not like to receive extremely dense vector paths. .
(Music that is commonly referred to as "8-bit" like the music in early Nintendo games is actually 1 bit resolution, this low resolution is what gives it its unique and instantly recognizable sound, but I'm aiming for something that sounds a little more organic).
The last file will also contain the cut paths for the inner hole and outer edge of the record, you will need to set your laser cutter to cut these lines at a higher power, so that it cuts all the way through the material. .
My favorite of all the records I 3d printed was definitely the Joy Division one (the song Disorder), I like the creepy vibe the distortion gives.On the other side of the sunday morning disc, I cut femme fatale : While I was adjusting some tape to try to keep the wood lying flat in the middle of the cut, I accidentally bumped it to the side slightly. .Also the speed of the audio is still screwed. .Some people even build their own laser cutters, there are many builds documented right here on Instructables, we're even giving one away in our Epilog Challenge.Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart on clear acrylic ( download vector files Radiohead - Idioteque on wood ( download vector files The Velvet Underground and Nico - Femme Fatale on maple ( download vector files I've explained a bit about how.The following equation calculates the horizontal distance that the needle will move as it traces the a wave of a given bit depth: horizontal displacement of needle (2bit depth precision of x/y axes) where the precision of the x and y axes is 1200dpi.