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The move is a direct result of the reaction of composers who ignited a social media firestorm last week by objecting to the feature on the belief that it would be devastating to any composer or publisher.
For more context, see a post from this blog from Friday, June.
Its unfortunate that their opinions were guided by a handful of vocal composers who, however well-intentioned, misunderstood the capability of the technology and its iterative role in the continuum of progress.Surely they, and MakeMusic, know that this is not a battle worth wading into further, when the alternative scanning using the existing software and sending it to Finale using MusicXML accomplishes the exact same result, albeit with one or two more clicks.Also, fails in roughly 10 of cases.MakeMusic today announced that they would be removing their previously announced PDF importing feature from the upcoming release of Finale.You can find programs that can process a PDF with music sheets or other audio elements and export or save them to something else, typically a music sheet (.If not already present, it adds a midi block with an empty body to the score block.Therefore, you are not authorized to convert, save, or change the Musicnotes files into other file formats (such as midi, PDF, or XPS).Others voiced a more narrow concern that the feature would bypass PDF restrictions embedded by the creator of the PDF, a concern that MakeMusic did not immediately assuage although they eventually did say that such restrictions would be respected and files with such restrictions would.

Seems to happen when there are markup tags.
If all these steps succeed (which they may or may not do - this tool has not been exhaustively tested!) you end up with.midi file.
Fred Flowerday, rs aggarwal aptitude book pdf vice president of product strategy for MakeMusic, said: I firmly believe that we need to create opportunities in our software through which we can maximize technologies such as OCR and not restrict them.
SmartMusic, its proprietary music learning software.
Known issues, sometimes accidentally renders a pdf as well, even though it shouldn't.Convert, open, save, edit, create, import, export.We have found 2 software records in our database eligible for.pdf.midi file format conversion.In fact, we are going to take a further step and remove scanning functionality entirely from Finale.This only works with.pdf documents that contain music data, usually exports from music writing nero 8 for windows 8 32 bit programs.You may however print your purchased music, and download the interactive file in one of our free apps.Instead, we will refocus efforts to aim PDF import and OCR technology squarely at creating content for SmartMusic.A viable alternative to this would be to use some Musical OCR (OMR) solutions that can processes scanned music sheets.pdf files and generate a sheet / music score from it which can then be turned.midi file.For additional information, see the project homepage at t/projects/midisheetmusic/.