corel painter 12 layers

The Navigator panel also includes image information such as Width, Height, Resolution, and more.
Now its easy to customize your brushes (this gets my vote for the best improvement of an existing feature).
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I checked the windows tab and it is supposed to be showing. .
Jinbrown 11 November 2006, 05:04 PM, hi Nick, For this purpose, the canvas itself is not classed as a layer, so if you have the canvas selected in the Layers palette, the Layers menu Duplicate Layer option will be grayed out.I use Coral Painter Essentials 5, I'm pretty new to these programs in general.The Navigator panel is a great addition to Painter.And now that workspace sharing is back, you can create, export, and import new workspaces to share with other artists (this is one of the new interface highlights for me).You can do it all.The Real Wet Oil brushes are hands down the best brushes out there at simulating traditional oil brushes.Painter 12 has some big changes to the brush engine.

On Mac, either right-click or Ctrl-click and choose Duplicate from the contextual menu.
This can be a great stress reliever; what better way to wash away tension than to create a beautiful work of art.
The turpentine feature allows you to alter the paint appearance to opaque or transparent and allows for the creation of color washes.
It has a bit of a clunky shortcut (especially for us left-handers so I advise a hot key on your tablet or pen.You can totally personalize your workflow from palettes 8 steps to a pain back ebook and panels to more brushes or fewer brushes.No problem, just drag to resize to taste.With the Kaleidoscope Painting features, you can create beautiful kaleidoscopes in a few minutes or a few hours because its easy to get lost in the creation of these (this has my vote for the coolest new addition to Painter 12).Is there a way to bring it to it's original place?