dragon age 2 english language patch

Quests (spoiler warnings) "Who Needs Rescuing" can now be completed.
Party members who are resurrected during a fight now rejoin combat properly.
Staggered targets instead roxio easy media creator 7 windows installer of 600.
Potions, poisons, grenades, and runes can now still be ordered from the Hawke estate after the main campaign is complete.
"Friendly Concern" is now available after consummating a romance.Patch.02 / Title Update.01.V1.02 Changes: gameplay, the effects of various follower talents and item properties are now being properly removed and re-applied when loading and saving.Hawke no longer gains windows 8 x64 link excessive coin and experience from rapidly and repeatedly completing a single sidequest.The rogue's Pinpoint Strikes talent now includes a 100 bonus to attack for the duration of the ability.The DirectX 11 renderer is now disabled if your video-card drivers are older than version.4 (for AMD cards) or 267.14 (for nvidia cards).The game displays values of up to 100, but characters now suffer 5 damage from an attack even if they show 100 resistance.A rare issue that caused the configuration utility to crash no longer occurs.Increased duration that search highlights things, and added highlighted items to radar while they are highlighted.In "Bait and Switch the chest in the abandoned house can now always be opened.PC Fixed some hitching in conversations.

Fixed case where blizzard would pause the game when it turns off.
It is now easier to select party members by clicking on their portraits when the level-up arrow is displayed.
PC: On June 1, nVidia released their new 275.33 drivers.
Downloadable content - "mark OF THE assassin" We have fixed a save-game corruption issue that was occurring for a small number of users in the autosave immediately following the dungeon capture scene.
The mage's Chain Reaction upgrade snakes and ladders computer game to the Chain Lightning spell now applies 300 damage.For patch notes in other languages, click here, we have a patch for PC, Ps3, Ps4, and Xbox 360 coming out today to address some of the issues players have been having.Fixed camera shaking when making small camera adjustments during character creation.Certain boss creatures are now immune to Disruption Field.PS3-specific functionality Sebastian no longer gets stuck as a locked party member after the completion of his quests.Staggered targets instead of 400.