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This decision is supposedly recorded in the battlefield 2 complete collection full game codex entry "A Study of the Fifth Blight, Vol.
This decision is recorded in the codex entry "The Hero of Ferelden".
Make note of the number in object_ID Navigate toe savegame_partylist - savegame_party_approval_list and find the savegame_party_approval_ID that bipin desai dbms pdf matches the object_ID for merrill.Item_property_powers - Contains uxtheme multi-patcher for windows xp a floating point value that indicates how strong the property in this index.Note that these 4 arrays are linked together, such that adding a value to one requires a matching value is added to the others.Stats, edit, open the save game in the editor and look for savegame_partylist - savegame_partypoolmembers.Usually there is an obvious pattern.Editing Money Edit Navigate to Edit the value (1 gold 100 silvers 10,000 coppers, so to add 1 gold add 10,000).This can be a buff or a restriction.Bug 1 Who ascended Ferelden's throne (the Warden, Anora, Alistair, Anora with the Warden, Anora with Alistair, or the Warden with Alistair).The upper limit is 100.If Nathaniel is not in your final party, the game will consider him dead even if he survives.This decision is recorded in the codex entry "A Study of the Fifth Blight, Vol.Remember, this isn't an official tool and thus has a much greater chance of corrupting your save, so always backup a save file.

Das Return to game You're done!
Item_cost - item_stacksize - How many of the item you have.
Nathaniel Howe remained with the Grey Wardens or not during Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.
Bug 1 The Warden/Alistair/Loghain killed the Archdemon during The Battle of Denerim.Contents show, making a backup copy, edit, always make a backup copy of the save you are going to be editing, in case of any issues or errors.This should still find only the guid we're looking for.Bug 1 Accepted or declined Morrigan 's ritual during Morrigan's Ritual.Das file (or whatever you named it) In the "Search" box on the right, enter the guid for this plot: Please copy paste the above and ensure that you don't get any additional characters, such as space or newline.Amaranthine, or Vigil's Keep, or both are saved in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening The Architect lived or died at the end of Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.List of Properties (DA2) Edit ID (use this) Type Description Special Info passive Attribute - strength 1001 passive Attribute - dexterity 1002 passive Attribute - magic 1003 passive Attribute - cunning 1004 passive Attribute - willpower 1005 passive Attribute - constitution 1006 passive Attribute.