drinkin dark whiskey steeldrivers

When the bottle 's talkin be careful what he might say he talks in the dark like he never would in the day then he gets in trouble just as soon as he gets his way.
And then that ol' black label gets ahold of you.
On a Saturday nightDont you cross your heart.Tampa Red Whiskey quicktime mpeg 2 plugin Drinkin' Blues 03:26, the Demolition String Band Drinkin' Whiskey 05:26 nazaret Whiskey Drinkin' Woman 03:23, pat Travers Snortin' Whiskey Drinkin' Cocaine 02:36, laurel Aitken Drinkin' Whiskey 05:29, nazareth Whiskey Drinkin' Woman 05:33, lou Donaldson Whiskey Drinkin' Woman 03:28, railbenders Whiskey Drinkin' Man.Whiskey Drinkin' Woman (Live In Knarvik, Norway 2006.10.21) 05:29 Nazareth Whiskey Drinkin' Woman 03:38 Johnny.When it's makin the rounds all over the neighborhood.But the second one goes down smooth.Drinkin dark whiskey, tellin' white lies one leads to another on a Saturday night don't you cross your heart unless you hope to die drinkin dark whiskey, tellin' white lies the first drop burns but the second one goes down smooth and then that ol'.Telling white lies, when the bottles talking.When the bottle 's talkin be careful what he might say.Be careful what he might say.Then that old black label gets a hold of you.

It talks in the dark, like it never would in the day.
T you cross your heart, unless you hope to die.
Itll loosen your tongue, but it dont ever tell the truthDrinking dark whiskey, telling white lies, one leads to another.
Telling white lies, little white lie.Drinking dark whiskey, telling white lies Drinking dark whiskey Telling white lies.Vol.1 of the Complete Sittin' Here And Drinkin' (Whiskey Blues) 06:37 Nazareth.Unless you hope to die, drinking dark whiskey, telling white liesWhen the bottles talking.Then he gets in trouble, steeldrivers - Drinkin' Dark Whiskey - ml, just as soon as he gets his way.