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Faster and easier driver updates, rollback / restore point option for each driver update.
Username: kiki-viki, password: 567896, other: 567896, stats: 15 success rate 117 votes 11 months old, did this login work?
They are an absolute must on every computer or else nothing would work.This special promo is active for three days from to ).And regularly updating your drivers is a generally recommended process for any computer user.Get the perfect match for your driver.2, An email containing a activation link will be sent to your email address.Then enter your login information.3, After finishing the activation process, run the DriverMax program, click on Online account then click on DriverMax login settings.Click on, register, click, next in the registration wizard, on "Existing PRO account" enter and your password (you can reset in here if you forgot it).DriverMax is also able to display a detailed report about all your current drivers (versions, release dates or just the ones that work.The user account is not deleted anymore after 90 inactivity days.

Or back them up so you will have all of them in a single place.
Exe, go to Settings, then go to My Account.
DriverMax is a freeware, paid update is also available at the price of 29 USD.Driver downloads are *only* available for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP users.Username: peppe2, password: 12345678, stats: 7 success rate 55 votes 10 months old, did this login work?Then click the Activate game over david sheff full version button.In case you don't have DriverMax already installed you can get it from: m/soft/dmx/drivermax.Stats: 13 success rate 103 votes 9 months old, did this login work?Username: kiki- viki, password: 567896, other: 567896, stats: 6 success rate 54 votes 9 months old, did this login work?The Latest version of DriverMax.8 and can be downloaded from this link.DriverMax is an easy-to-use and powerful device driver backup, restoration, download and update software.