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Mujhe Aap Ki Bahut Kami Mehsoos Huwi!!
In this Article we are sharing a free English training lesson from our free online 30 days Speak English In 30 Days English training course.
Feature of this Spoken English course app.
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Flip to back Flip to front.In this app this course is divided in lessons.Barae Mihr bani Likhye!!No doubt this was the easiest way to pronounce English and makes to speak English from Urdu easily.Allah Ka Fazal Ho!When you again open the app then you can go to your last opened lesson by clicking on button.Can You Say It Again?How to Introduce Yourself Common Urdu Phrases Do you speak (English/ Urdu)?The program can be installed on Android.Use Urdu Main Kya Kehte Hain? .See below the changes in each version.

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Like if they say I am coming they write Mian A Raha Hoon.
You dont have to pay a single penny for this course.
We have given each and every tense with detail description so that you can understand when to use which sentences in your conversation.
With such amount of time and very easy lessons, who wouldnt master this language?After becoming an expert of the English language, you will realize how beneficial it would be to you.One, Two, Three Eik, Do, Tin Four, Five, Six Char, Panch, Che Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten Saat, Aath, Nau, Das Common Urdu Phrases Learn Urdu Learn English: Sentences of Words Sentences of Words in Urdu English Common Urdu Phrases Common Urdu Phrases English.By doing so, you will have 'helped them improve their abilities and free them from the realm of oblivion.When you read any lesson and close your app then app stores your status.Here/There Subah Main/ Shaam Main/Raat Main / Me/ You.Aap Kya Kam Karte Hain? .