excelfix 3.3l pro full

Version.33 : Memory cache added and program functions are optimized.
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Learn how to successfully use our website by watching our flash video tutorial.Version.39 : Fixed the keygen windows 7 ultimate sp1 64 bits bug which did not allow saving cells containing the formula "offset" with 5 parameters.Name for listing on sites: (Input full software name and version).Fixed "Invalid variant type conversion" error while the file is being saved.Version.32 : Small improvements have been performed.Version.2 : Lost string corruption recovery is included.As a result in some cases where files were divided into many small pieces this no longer happens.Version.3H : The demo version now shows a larger number of cells: 600 cells per file or 150 cells per sheet, for a better evaluation of the recovery process.This allows for the recovery of sheet names in more corruption cases.Version.12 : Diagnosis works faster with large files.

Version.3T : Fixed "General Protection Failure" error during the diagnosis of certain files using the "OLE Stream" option.
Version.1 : This release recognizes the OLE compound file structure diner dash serial crack which allows the recovery of sheet names, formula sheet references and a reconstruction of the original structure of the file.
Solved glitch when saving formulas with links to sheets which names have spaces.Fixed "String grid index out of bounds" error while a sheet is being viewed.As a result excelfix is more than 10 times faster in its diagnosis.The cancel button response has been improved to avoid status misinterpretation of the diagnosis during long recovery processes.New "Lost string" counter.Small improvements have been performed.Version.3A : In files so corrupt that no cells are found, the error "Access violation" appeared when the "workbook viewer" was started.Version.3G : New option included that allows to save the recovered file in several CSV text files.Now drume can recover the formulas itself or the last saved calculated value.Version.2 : The recovery engine is improved.