faa pilot recurrent training requirements

flight operations.
"The FAA will develop guidance defining pilot monitoring duties and responsibilities that air carriers can use to develop pilot training and evaluation.
Parts 61, 63, and 65 all require recurrent medical examinations for persons involved in the business of flying airplanes.Ride a little bit with training wheels until balance returns.Commonly, pilots will encounter recurrent training in a roundabout way.It is a very useful requirement for keeping everybody sharp and on top of things.Concentrated on your ILS, you fail to sweep, fail to notice your airspeed declining.Develop standards to determine whether pilots receive sufficient training opportunities to develop, maintain, and demonstrate manual flying skills.Consider the recent case of Asiana Air Flight 214.Flight recorder data at this point shows that the aircraft was approaching significantly low compared to the papi.Avionics Today A new report from the.S.On July 6, 2013, the Boeing 777 was landing at San Francisco International Airport, when the main landing gear and tailskid struck the seawall.

Like a dollop of castor oil, recurrent training leaves a sick taste in pilots mouths, even though they know deep down inside that it is a beneficial process.
Part 91, subpart K, has a section on Fractional Ownership of Aircraft, telling owners that they must have a recurrent training system for all pilots and crewmembers involved in the operation and servicing of that aircraft.
Systems exist to prevent accidents from happening, but they only recover project deleted from eclipse work when they work.
The exercise is not an automatic pass - upon a fail a pilot can get a re-assessment.This time, only your pride was hurt.Additionally, OIG interviewed airline pilots directly about their ability to maintain manual flight proficiency.Part 135, commuter Carriers are required mostly the same, excepting pilots must only be trained on an annual basis.There is an additional step of recurrent training that is not training at all.