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Fiore condemns Lucy, Yukino and their would-be rescuers to the.Mato crisis negotiation training scenarios announces that the battlefield will be the entire city of Crocus, with the various teams having dispersed in order to prepare.Erza encounters and defeats Jenny while Gajeel, having beaten Eve, takes out Ren and the fleeing Hibiki is picked off by Gray.Laxus blocks Rufus' attack On the battlefield, Rufus senses the movements of the Fairy Tail Mages and attacks with Memory-Make: A Night of Falling Stars.After some battles, the guild masters and guild mates are seen reacting to their respective guilds' wins and losses, though this was not present in the manga.Happy comes up with disguises On their wait to rescue Lucy, the rescue team discuss saving Lucy, but Wendy asks how they will be able to enter the palace undetected.Wendy takes off her mask when she is promising to rescue Lucy in the manga, while in the anime she kept.Kinana and Laki were the ones to ask Mavis if she devised a plan to stop Jura in the manga, in the anime it was Lisanna and Cana.Sting eliminates Bacchus While the members of most teams break up in order to fight individually, Rufus and subsequently the audience, is surprised to see that the members of Team Fairy Tail have their eyes close and have not moved from their spots.Following which, Gray and Laxus state that they have another reason to win: for their guildmates, who suffered while they were gone for seven years.Fairy Tail (FT) is from the pilot chapter/episode an average shonen series and yet it is loved by many for being just that.

However, Mirajane claims to have an idea of her own, much to everyone's relief.
Team Fairy Tail in a surprising but effective strategy, and Princess.
Fairy Tail anime, and the 3rd episode of the 2014 series.Elsewhere, Natsu and Wendy have seemingly been caught by a guard after having attempted to sneak into Mercurius.OVA (3 eps) 2016 Movie (1 ep) 2017 TV 2018 Same Franchise Related manga Vol: 61; Ch: ReadReadingWant to ReadStalledDroppedWon't ReadVols Chs Original Manga One Shot 2011 One Shot 2012 One Shot 2013 Vol: 2; Ch: Vol: 1; Ch: Vol: 4; Ch: Same Franchise Vol.However, Team Fairy Tail remains motionless, prompting their guildmates to shout at them to move, all but Mavis, who stares on them solemnly.Speaking to the other guards posted, the capturing authority heads to the dungeon in order to imprison the two Mages.If you want a huge rant about why FT is bad, go look at roriconfans review.Hisui condemns the Mages to death Meanwhile, the Rescue Team locates Lucy and Yukino's prison cell and proceeds to break them out.When Erza battles Jenny, Jenny tries to run away, this was not shown in the manga.