film the hunger games part 1

Bonusy, komentá reiséra Francise Lawrence a producentky Niny Jacobson.
The novel on which the film is based is the third in a trilogy written by Suzanne Collins that has over 65 million copies in print in the.S.
Prezident Snow se zatím rozhodl zamit svou nenávist pímo proti Katniss a jejím nejbliím.Vincent.12.14: Exodus: Gods and Kings .12.14: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb .12.14: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies .12.14: Dumb and Dumber To Jimmy.Technické informace esk zvuk ANO eské titulky ANO, popis filmu, katniss everdeen zaívá tké období.Originální název: Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part.Just imagine how this film would play out on its own, if the other films in the series didnt exist.Of course, Collins is aware of this irony, and her novels are a great deal smarter than the average YA fare.Podrobnosti: Filmová databáze studio: Lionsgate, distribuce v R: Bontonfilm,.

Also rescued from previous films and inserted into D13: tributes Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin) and Beetee (Jeffrey Wright chaperone Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks and Katniss mentor, Haymitch Abernathy (Woody Harrelson).
While most of his scenes had already been filmed, script re-writes were undertaken to cover the remainder, rather than employ a digital solution.
For fans The Hunger Games and I game chu bat gioi suppose you would have to be to get to this point, Mockingjay Part 1 is just fine; in terms of overall quality, its a step up from the first movie and a small step down from Catching Fire.
Banks.02.14: Winter's Tale One Chance.02.14: RoboCop Labor Day .01.14: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit August: Osage County I, Frankenstein.01.14: 12 Years a Slave American Hustle Dallas Buyers Club Legend of Hercules.01.14: Nymphomaniac: Volume I Nymphomaniac: Volume.01.14: The Wolf of Wall.(07.04.09) Bathory (12.07.08) Domov (05.02.08) Gympl (02.10.07) Medvídek (10.09.07) I Served the King of England (21.01.07) Pravidla li (19.12.06) Grandhotel (05.12.06) Hezké chvilky bez záruky (29.09.06) Kráska v nesnázích (08.09.06) ílení (21.12.05).I caught Mockingjay Part 1 at Cinema City Nov Smíchovs 4DX cinema, an experience I found to be surprisingly subtle and restrained; the film is not in 3D, and the lightning, fog, mist, and chair vibration and movement effects were sparse and employed only when relevant.In Release: 119 days / 17 weeks.For anyone else, it simply doesnt work well enough on its own to be considered satisfying by itself; as an alternative, I can wholly recommend Snowpiercer, which tells a roughly similar story in much more digestible manner (but despite being filmed in Prague, was skipped.Mockingjay wastes no time recapping events for those whose memories may have faded (heck, even a TV drama whose viewers are presumably returning after 7 days features.Bonusové materiály mohou bt ve standardním DVD rozliení a asto neobsahují ádnou eskou jazykovou podporu.