firefox bookmarks to safari

How can I import the ones from Safari?
Enable Bookmark Synchronization in Windows, on your Windows PC, you'll need to download and set up iCloud to sync your bookmarks with your Apple devices.
Start Safari, at the top of the Safari window, click on the File menu and choose Import Bookmarks.
Pinboard is a commercial service (one-time fee) that apparently also uses the Delicious API, so some addons/widgets may be able to work with it instead of with Delicious.Note: This article applies to Mac and Windows.This is the same strategy used by LastPass.Update: For XMarks, I'm not sure what their plans are for IE10, but I'd expect them to only support the Desktop version of IE - there's apparently also a "Metro" version that will not allow any plugins.Google Chrome Sync (and possibly chasers madison happy hour plugins for other browsers) may also work; for Firefox I believe it's tied in with the Google Toolbar for Firefox but ymmv by browser.Toggle the Safari option on if it isn't already.The Safari browser is not currently available for Linux.

Find the file you saved from Firefox and click Import.
I am able to export the Safari bookmarks onto the desktop.
The desktop is usually corel draw 11 mac serial key a good spot, but any place that is easy to remember will work.
Close the Library window.The process is similar for enabling bookmark syncing on iOS.Start Safari, on the menu bar, click on the File menu and choose Import Bookmarks.If you use Safari on a Mac or on an iPad but also use Windows, you can make life a little easier by keeping universal viewer portable your Safari bookmarks synced with your Windows browser.(Disclaimer: premium user of both).