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The problem here is that one may map a network share to kfz versicherung test 2014 Drive Y whereas someone else in the organization may have the same network share mapped as Drive X; therefore, sending a link such as Y:mydirectory may not work for anyone else except.
For example, "P / might return: "networkserverSharesPhotos" / /summary / param name"originalPath" The path to convert to a UNC Path /param / returns A UNC path.
Letra P, letra R, letra W, deixe uma resposta.
(No exceptions / are raised by this function directly).I just had the need for the same thing OP is asking and after searching on Google and reading the answers, none of them provided what I think the OP and I are looking for.Unicode, SetLastError true) public static extern int WNetGetConnection( string localName, StringBuilder remoteName, ref int length / summary / Given a path, returns the UNC path or the original.Length 1) tuncpath(args0 else /This is so you can assign a shortcut to the program and be able to /Call it pressing the shortcut you assign.This will backup the server and compact the log file.Here's the code: using System; using neric; using nq; using System.

So when you backup with VSS settings to Full, Windows Server will compact the log after a successfull backup.
Length 2 originalPath1 / don't use Letter here - as that can be misleading / the only valid drive letters are a-z A-Z.
My solution: Backup the Server once (Windows Backup).Letra A, letra B, letra C, letra.Text; using rms; namespace Utils /This is the only piece of code I wrote class Program stathread static void Main(string args) /Takes the parameter from the command line.Because your data is backupped, it is sure it can compact the log because recoverey can be done via the backup instead of the transaction log file.Now you'll see this option when you right-click a directory from a mapped drive: I can provide the executable so you don't have to do the compilation yourself.Exe "1 you are done.Since this will /be called from the context menu, the context menu will pass it /via 1 (see registry instructions below) if (args.Right-click Default entry and select Modify.