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Single click a folder in the RH column, or double click it in the LH column, to make that folder the new display-level in the file system Much improved performance in the Loops browser Volume control for auto-preview Favourites is back.
Layer context menu with Cut/Copy/Paste Layer, and per-Layer Mute Solo Sample Reverse.
Flexible groove/shuffle control for patterns - take the groove of one midi file and apply it in real-time to another.Much improved sample file management.O Powerful step-sequencer with up to 128 steps.If you're having problems with Guru not playing the first beat of a gated pattern at song start, try turning this OFF.Additionally, you can now mute, solo and un-mute individual engines at the touch of a button.Your beatbox dream come true.FXpansion guru Full version DVD.In the Pads browser, weve also added a volume control for auto-preview, and support for multiple selection so you can drag multiple samples to the pads or layers in one.Tekniks, genre: house, r b, groove Criminals, genre: hip hop.9 will apply to all Channel 10 is now a 'drum map mapping all 128 pads out across the midi keyboard Channel 11 always plays the currently selected engine Channel 12 offers a whole set of remote commands such as "Select Pad "Select Engine "Mute.Improved loop slicing, score extraction and loop playback.

Engines New "Chromatic Clone" and "Random Clone" options on Pattern context menu, allowing you to clone patterns up and down the keys.
You can now hide the default Kick, Snare etc.
Entire Engines with just a couple of clicks great for creating variations on a kit, for instance.
Double clicking a browser tab now opens that tab as a folder in Finder/Explorer, and dragging an OS folder to the browser sets the current tab to that location.
In normal (non-favourites) mode, shiftclick a folder in the left-hand pane to add it to the favourites list; in favourites mode, shiftclicking a listed folder will remove it from the favourites list When replacing a sliced loop's audio with a Kit, and playing the Kit.Guru is a beatbox plug-in that offers advanced step sequencing, groove manipulation, sample editing, and beat slicing.Click the new 'Reverse' button in the pad editor to play samples backwards.Guru gives you back the hands-on feel which you crave.8 Engines, each comprising: o 16 midi-triggered Sample Pads.Miscellaneous Support for the latest OS versions and plugin technologies:- Pro Tools.3, VST.4, Windows Vista, OS.4.8, etc.FXpansion Guru VSTi AU rtas.6.12 - 1CD PC MAC OSX.When disabled, the onscreen pattern keys just select the pattern, and don't affect playback in any way.Pad labelling New Option: Selected Pad tracks midi input New Option: Fast switch to pattern view game trainz simulator 2010 (Guru will switch to pattern view from whichever view you're in when you hit a pattern button) New Option: Save songs/kits as settings only (doesn't create copies of the.you can have different resolution patterns in the same engine.