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Australian Government, 2006,.
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5 It is difficult to argue the merits of further tightening legislation to curb illegal downloading.
Among their conclusions, Levin and colleagues found that students who downloaded music files without paying were more likely brighteye brison believers deceivers to believe that their behaviour did not cause detriment to companies or artists.
Supervisors responses to subordinate poor performance: A test of an attributional model, Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, volume 25, number 1,.At present, this onus is largely on individual artists and, as demonstrated in this paper, the few who have experimented with these mechanisms seem to have benefited so too have their audiences.Although this paper is exploratory in nature, combined with further research, it stands to be an important contribution to approaches to address illegal downloading in a way that stymies the creeping criminalisation of society.Not only does this require the development of a coherent and an inclusive policy, but it also requires continued opportunities to test the strength of the policy and amend it accordingly.Suggests that the cost of ISP monitoring to prevent illegal downloading is likely to cost in excess of one million per day an amount that far exceeds the estimated annual loss of 250 million the music industry suffers consequent to illegal downloading (Roach, 2009).Using software to gather IP addresses to be used for infringement purposes have seen the dead and elderly falsely flagged (von Brasch, 2010).Rather bdlot dvd iso master rar than require musicians to secure a contract from a record label, SellaBand releases donations to the musician once the target identified by the musician is reached.

Although anonymity is not guaranteed, IP blockers provide some protection against identification by copyright infringement authorities.
Given legal experiences to date such as that against Santangelo (Delahunty, 2009 these sanctions are not likely to control the largest downloaders, but rather, they will target vulnerable populations, like young people and those responsible for Internet connectivity (like parents and grandparents).
When rationalising the behaviour of another, the development of attributions is influenced by many factors.Anonymous file sharing networks, encrypted systems, and large private networks allow them to evade legislators (McGuire, 2007) while those without these skills are more likely to be targeted by private litigators.Information availability and consumer preference: Can online retailers benefit from providing access to competitor price information?Despite legislative attempts to curb illegal downloading, lessons to date suggest these do little to reduce the activity.Inside the music industrys piracy battle (8 June at, accessed.F.EBooks fail to gain expected popularity, at tml, accessed.J.Artists say they want their music site dough, at, accessed.M.Despite the potential value of attribution theory, research has not yet explored how policy informed by this framework might help to curb illegal downloading.