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Random events and a not restrictive story line.
Rock Manager has good idea at its core; unfortunately the scite editor for windows 7 idea is only 1 of the way there.
Description, with this game the player can create their own band, and try to make it successful.There are four styles of music the player can use: Rock, Pop, Punk and Heavy Metal.Rock Manager is an interesting concept, it gives you the chance to take a bunch of no-talent, tone-deaf "musicians" and make them rockstars, dealing with all the headaches that come along with the job.I produced two drastically different recordings on one mission, and the music producer loved both.Manage your group and decide when deadwood needs to be cut.There is no walking dead season 1 all episodes free-form mode available from the start to create your own dream band, just the 9 "campaign missions" (from putting a rival music company out of business to keeping quarreling band members together) which shouldn't extend your playtime more than a couple.A god-sim in the vein of Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper, Rock Manager requires players to balance various factors in order to create a successful band.Spanning eight original scenarios, players will need to do whatever it takes, from bribing the media to buying their own records, in order to make it to the top.

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Between all that, they'll need to name their band and record a song demo, which can be mixed in real-time by adding echo effects, adjusting volume, and selecting variations of the standard guitar, bass, and drum sections.
Song creation, an awesome tool that lets your create your own music.French tag-lined title "Rockmanager", original title "Rockband Tycoon", european title add alternate title, part of the Following Group.Rock God Tycoon (RGT) places you at the helm office 2003 serial of your very own band and on the path to your own rock destiny.First the player must record their own song.The game takes place in the fictional world of Rock City, where players begin by assembling a motley collection of musicians needed to fill the necessary slots in their band.Well placed info tabs show you every actionable detail of your band, and allow you to manage all of your band's day to day goals.(And I spent a lot of time mixing them.) This can also be applied to the characters found in the game.