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In his story, he first humiliates Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura in Azure Crimson Horse Fury, then defeats Ieyasu Tokugawa and Ishida Mitsunari in the second stage, but Mitsunari is footed, and Ieyasu has been burnt.
He is attempting to use the turmoil spreading across Japan to take over, but is constantly outwitted by dove game for pc Motonari and Yoshitsugu.
He fights against Ishida Mitsunari in order to win his lost honor back.
Loyal to Motonari and Mitsunari, who treat him like a pawn.Always keeps tabs on his nephew, Keiji.This terrible act has eroded her mind, and she is now wandering the land with blackest of hearts.The uniqueness of each character allows for different fighting styles, such as those which focus on hitting a large number of enemies versus those which focus on a few (excellent for killing boss characters).Has been neutral until now, but with pressure from the surrounding areas growing stronger, he will have to make a decision soon.Kasuga Kenshin's female ninja who was ordered to assassinate Kenshin, but fell in love with him and dedicated her life to him.She returned to him after he slayed her husband.

Chsokabe Motochika A pirate of Shikoku.
Dislikes money, and only takes on jobs that will improve the Faction's status and standing in Japan.
Satake Yoshishige A general in charge of an academy for soldiers who is also known for his clumsiness, which he tries to get rid of with his training and wields a pike.
He uses several orbs as a weapon and rides a levitating palanquin.
Hj Ujimasa Head of the Hojo Clan whose ultimate goal is to bring honor back to the clan.Ironically is the easiest general to defeat.He does all that he can in order to bring Shingen's dreams to fruition, but shows crippling inexperience.Takeda Shingen 's illness.Was shown mercy by Kanbei Kuroda when he took Odawara Castle for Hideyoshi.Playable characters in Sengoku Basara 3: Utage edit New characters edit Kobayakawa Hideaki Glutton commander of his Forces with his inability to make decisions.Driven mad by his mind, Yoshitsugu seeks to bring misery and bad fortune that equals his own to everyone in the world, but is nonetheless concerned for Mitsunari's well-being.Loved by all his soldiers for being a caring leader.His weapon is a pot, which he spins on to attack.