games to ps2 hard drive

Update 12-6-12 Fixed video tutorials to be consistent.
Preparing the USB hard drive : Insert USB hard drive to your.
Is it because your game isnt compatible?
Yes, you can but it requires some work. .
Update Added new Video tutorial on the USB Extreme Windows Installer!Visit SKS Apps ncis la season 4 episode 24 here.Update: The best alternative to HDloader is HD Advance.0.The command to use the program is ul_format X format where X is your USB hard drive.Turn it on, within a dynasty warriors 7 english patch v3 few seconds, you will see your game(s) show up on the screen.This guide is based off of Swap Magic implementation.Update 11/25/08 I am so frickin sick of people asking why their game doesnt work and all they see is a black screen. .All newer PS2 games will most likely recognize the HDD, so you'll be able to save there without having to copy from the card.I dont know the exact size limit but 250GB is more than 80 games (obviously depends on type of games).

If I can't store MP3s on the HDD, what about jpegs?
Will I be able to download new content?
What are the names of all the servers in ffxi?When you delete data on the HDD, it leaves empty clusters (spaces).Update: Official external drives are still not available, but there are unofficial drives that can be found on the Internet.It seems to make the PS2 fan work a little harder though when the hard drive is in use.You could use pen or usb flash drives, but performance will be horrible. .How much does the hard drive cost?Note: Do not move your PS2 for 30 seconds after shutting down the PS2/HDD.