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141 142 In a 2007 publication, Durant emphasised the role of land management and improvement in connectivity across the range in cheetah conservation, in the lack of which the populations might face severe fragmentation.
London, UK: Kegan Paul International.
"Regional assessment of the status, distribution and conservation needs of cheetahs village life hack v 4.0 in southern Africa" (PDF).
It belongs to Felinae, the subfamily of Felidae that also includes lynxes, wildcats, and the puma.
Red Fox: The Catlike Canine.Org Cheetah Conservation Fund.Donoghue,.M.; Howard,.G; Byers,.P.; Goodrowe,.L.; Bush,.; Bloomer,.; Lukas,.; Stover,.; Snodgrass,.; Wildt,.E.The specific name jubatus means "maned" in Latin, referring to the dorsal crest of this animal.The cheetahs in the painting were previously considered to be leopards.12 15 Although the cheetah is an African cat, molecular evidence indicates that the three species of the Puma lineage evolved in North America two to three million years ago, where they possibly had a common ancestor during the Miocene.The status is obscure in Burkina Faso, where individuals may be confined to the southeastern region.In Africa, it has been observed in dry forests, scrub forests, and savannahs.

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Prey is located from observation points or while roaming.
76 A wide variety of cheetah vocalisations have been identified by several terms, but most of these lack a detailed acoustic description, which makes it difficult to assess reliably which term denotes which sound."The cheetah in genetic peril".Retrieved b c d e f g Mair,.H.58 Every cheetah has a unique pattern of spots on its coat; hence, this serves as a distinct identity for each individual.These can even involve cannibalism.6 Mughal rulers trained cheetahs as well as caracals in a similar way as the West Asians, and used them to hunt game especially blackbuck.Animals in the Ancient World from A.Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.Instead, they live in unguarded areas, known as " home ranges ".In Wilson,.E.; Reeder,.M.