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Geographically India's oldest mountain range which is?
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(A) (B) of the stupa at Sanchi sindhughati are in seagate backup plus 1tb portable hard drive nz ruins from (C) located in Sarnath Ashok pillar (D) has been located by bauddhavihar Ans:.If they want their President to resign, the resignation will which ones?These are very important questions which can be asked in upcoming exams like upsc, SSC, afcat, ctet, NET, BEd., ibps Exams etc.What River Nashik kumbh Mela think?Posted on: 01:28 AM - 07 Jun.(A) (B) Sher Shah Suri Chandragupta (C) Akbar (D) Lord Curzon Ans:.0 " Dalal Street "where is located?

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(A) Mumbai (B) Delhi (C) London (D) New York Ans:.
Gk in Hindi PDF Download General Knowledge in Hindi PDF Samanya Gyan 2017 (A) (B) (C) Agra Akbar Fatehpur Sikri (D) Delhi grand trunk road B 7 Ans: who created the plans?
GK in Hindi gk in Hindi samanya Gyan » » Gk in Hindi PDF Download General Knowledge in Hindi PDF Samanya Gyan 2017.(A) Krishna (B) (C) (D) satlaj betwa Chambal Ans:.Gk in Hindi, samanya Gyan, gk in Hindi PDF Download General Knowledge in Hindi PDF.India which State "sugar bowl" is known as?Click on the following links to download the pdf file and right click to save it on your device.General Knowledge in Hindi PDF can be used for offline reading and learning.Tomb of Akbar is located where?Questions in Hindi (common sense).(A) the Ganga (B) satlaj (C) godavari, mahanadi (D) Ans: D what is the capital of Chhattisgarh state.(A) (B) (C) Bhopal, Raipur, Ranchi (D) Dehradun Ans: C General Knowledge objective type Questions in Hindi (trivia).0 " Jawahar Sagar dam is located on the.(A) 2:1 (B) (C) 4:3 3:2 (D) 5:4 Ans: B what is the full form of.DVD?