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In the next few days we will advance toward Hasakah City Abu Laila said, speaking by phone from eastern.
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"It is something that has gone across class, social group and religion, she told the Guardian about One Billion Rising, which marks the 15th anniversary of something she calls V-Day.
Some 200 women are marching.
We'll be catching up this morning with some of the events that have already taken place - including the rising that was planned for the steps of Parliament House in Adelaide.And all this on a day usually associated with the a few chocolates and flowers in the west.Omar Abu Laila, a spokesman for the eastern command of the rebel Free Syrian Army, said rebel units including Nusra fighters now controlled al-Shaddadeh after overrunning state security and military intelligence compounds."Taking a main city like Hasakah is important for the opposition but the PKK is entrenched there and an agreement with them has to be reached Akko said.In, india, there has been an enormous amount of organising and action to end sexual violence in New Delhi since a horrific gang rape in the city a few months ago.Street harassment is also rife not just in Tahrir Square, but across the country.We hope to feature their answers later in the day.By now hundreds of men, women and children have already danced, shouted and joined in some form of event to mark.
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We hope a live blog will be able to give some sense of the different movements around the world.
Obet Montez : "More than one billion women are experiencing abuse, and we women cannot just let it pass.
Just pick a destination and look at whats happening here.
He said Nusra detonated car bombs near the security compounds in Shaddadeh, enabling the attacking force to storm the buildings and take the city, a pattern seen in other areas taken over by the mostly Islamist armed opposition.As Europe wakes up there have already been dances, mass rallies and marches in India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Australia and, by the end of today, many more across Africa, the Middle East and the Americas will have joined them.Yet the very idea to dance and shout as a way of campaigning against violence that ranges from female genital mutilation to rape in war to domestic violence to sexual slavery seems so outlandish that many have criticised Eve Ensler, the writer of the Vagina.So far, there are events planned in every single one of the 192 states recognised by the United Nations and then some.Editor's Pick, view all posts in Arts Culture.Yet, the reaction in parts of the world where the need to raise awareness about violence is perhaps greatest has been phenomenal, from the millions expected to take to the streets in Bangladesh to a march on parliament in Afghanistan.In, bangladesh supporters of One Billion Rising will be wearing red all day, forming human chains across Dhaka, the capital city, from 7am, ending with a concert with some of the countrys biggest stars in the evening.Abu Laila said an army garrison guarding a nearby gas field, al-Ghabsa, had fled as armed opposition units advanced from the Euphrates River toward Shaddadeh.