heirs episode 4 eng sub

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Won is calling from a jewelry store, and decides on a necklace instead of a ring.
Mom calls anyway, but Tan ignores the call as always.As they argue back and forth online, shes about to walk into the house as hes about to walk out but they turn out to be at different doors, missing each other again by a split second.Bo-na: Who says Im going to give you one, you perv?She says its because she has the sinking feeling that this wont be the last time they see each other, and she gets the sense that Tan will go looking for her the second something bad happens in his life.Madam Han is still as anxious as ever for Tan to come back, while Dad is more about the tough loveif hes too afraid of his hyung to come back, maybe he should stay away.Banner but we know better than to trust his smiley faces.Was I really there?Its a nice twist on the usual chaebol character that he feels weighed down and trapped by his position (again, gnas handicap tables pdf more like royalty than just a guy loaded with money and I like that along with him falling for Eun-sang first, comes him sizing.It sure looks to be just as antagonistic, thats for sure.

And I already like the hint that Young-do will like Eun-sang on his own, not just as a way to get under Tans skin (still a probable way the love triangle will go down, though I prefer the earnest version, naturally).
Won storms out and tells Manager Yoon to book him a hotel for the time being, not wanting to be at home for Tans return.
Well, Rachels the one hugging while Tan stands there, but the effect is the same.Prosecutors son Hyo-shin arrives home and overhears his mother giving the tutor a lecture on her overly revealing skirt.So thats how Eun-sang gains entry into the House of Many Wives, aka Tans Many Mothers, who are currently going at it with Round.She makes little sense to me, but I like her trench coat.Thats what family registry.Him finding out first is the best part, because that hesitation outside the door feels so real.