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For home owners, inspectors, professional and trade association standards, home inspection standards, and in some states, inspector licensing regulations (should) require you make to appropriate notifications.
How to Research an Apparent Sinkhole in Your Neighborhood.
Or just leave the plastic in place until the danger of hard freezing is past, just make sure there are plenty of holes, and make them big enough for lots of air to get through.
Notify the local Water Management District.
Sinkhole Related to Possible Cesspool Collapse Hazard - question about sudden back yard cave in Earlier this evening, after a day of rainfall, our backyard caved.In this case the piping visible in the photo was identified by the owner as electrical, from an electrical lighting pole that fell into the opening, not septic components.You may inform the parties that there are engineering firms specializing in detection and evaluation of potential or evident sinkholes.What you are doing is making hoops that you will place over your row of plants.

Sinkhole Warning - How Much Time Do You Have?
At events such as this one it is proper to ask if the cause was an old septic tank, drywell, or cesspool, long abandoned and not filled.
When you cut your wire mesh cut right in the middle of one of those 6" holes.You do need to move fast when patching because the mix dries quickly and dont overly knead whats in your hand as that also quickens the drying process.It's hard to look for debris as proof - because the hole is filled with stagnant water/clay right now.This is pretty stiff material, and it has 6" square holes.Even then, many plants can even handle that, but it can harm others.Get my free Ebook, "The Gardener's Secret Handbook", along with a bunch of other really cool stuff raw photo processor rpp tutorial just for signing up for my Free Gardening Newsletter!May 2009 the NY Daily News reported sinkholes along the Whitestone Expressway.And their faces go blank while I proceed to say it was a Dursban mix from the summer.The final breakthrough can develop over a period of a few minutes to a few hours.The sinkhole was discovered to be a large cavity below a paved city street where a tunnel connected two buildings.