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Training is burger mania game for pc offered by the Air Traffic and Navigation Services.
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Not only do these types of aviation jobs require you to perform routine tasks, they also must be able to cope with unexpected events as well as emergency situations.
Atns (Air Traffic and Navigation Services) is currently offering the atco Trainee Bursary Programme, providing bursaries for interested and motivated individuals keen on becoming Air Traffic Control Officers.Air Traffic Controller during the landing process.Renowned for offering the best air traffic management, atns oversees 100s of thousands of aircraft take offs and landings every year.While there are plenty of advantages to becoming an Air Traffic Controller, it is well-known for being a highly stressful job.After you have received your qualification you will need to start off as an Air Traffic Controllers Assistant to gain relevant experience and develop your skills.Some positions may have schooling requirements relating to air traffic control, including air traffic control courses or even a university degree in air traffic control.It is crucial for the Air Traffic Controller to make sure that a safe distance is kept between each aircraft.The air traffic controller will carry out these duties with the assistance of radar devices in order to determine the position of aircraft.Work for Airservices Australia and youll find your role challenging and rewarding.Approach Controllers work at the control centre.They must hold an Air Traffic Controllers (atco) Licence that includes an associated rating and rating endorsement appropriate to the task.Aviation careers offer lucrative and rewarding job opportunities.

Exceptional teamwork and collaboration are what allow us to effectively manage the arrival and departure of more than 154 million airline passengers annually.
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Format of the atco Licence, the format of the licence has been determined by Regulation (EU) 2015/340 and each page does not include the name of the holder as was previously the case with Regulation (EU) 805/2011 licences.
Another task is to advise the pilot on current weather conditions.If you choose a job as an Air Traffic Controller, you can look forward to a lucrative career.Atns SOC Limited is the only provider of air traffic and navigation services in South Africa, and provides training at the Aviation Training Academy (ATA) at Bonaero Park.You will need to spend four to six years training before you are awarded a full qualification.If the revalidation process is completed before the 3 month period, then its validity period shall start not later than 30 days from the date on which the assessment is completed.The air traffic controller should have knowledge of all safety procedures relating to air traffic control.At times, the job can be monotonous.