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In this context, though, its badass-level is somewhere between single-handedly crushing the universe into paste and ripping out someone's intestinal tract and using it as a belt.
Also, the game makes no attempt to prevent you from saving in bad places, meaning that it is easy to unintentionally overwrite your save with an Unwinnable situation.
Homage : Pretty much everything in the game is a recreation of or reference to some old famous game, including Tetris, Kirby's Dream Land, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Mega Man, Metroid, Castlevania, The Legend of Zelda, and more.
(You can't you use it subsequent playthroughs, unfortunately.) Your Head A-Splode : Inverted.Only to return as a giant head.Eye Beams : The Guy's second phase.Writers Cannot Do Math : If the distance signs are to be believed, the mine cart travels 10,000 kilometres in 78 seconds.Unexpected Gameplay Change : The Breakout and Vic Viper sequences.Instead of killing you, it just breaks the floor and drops you into the Mecha-Birdo boss fight.Oddly enough, it's the only save point that appears on Impossible, which should clearly tell you it's a fake.Shout-Out : Has its own page.One-Winged books on handwriting analysis Angel : The Guy plummets out the window after you shoot him full of holes.This is my extensive review of the PC gem.

Treacherous Checkpoint : There's a save point that will attempt to kill you.
Harder Than Hard : The difficulties start at "Medium" and go up through "Hard "Very Hard up to "Impossible".
Spoofed with Their Own Words : You eventually fight Dracula from the Castlevania series.
It's kind of hard to fall for otherwise.Über KIZ 10, willkommen auf n, eine endlose Quelle an online Spiele, eine wirklich erstaunliche Ort, Gratis-Spiele und m ist der beste Ort um die Spiele zu geniessen Kampfspiele, Töten Spiele, Mario Spiele, Barbie Spiele, Dora Spiele, Sonic Spiele, beste Arcade-Spiele, Action-Spiele, Sport-Spiele, Flash-Spiele, Spiele.One of the bosses starts with the moon, which again gets knocked aside by the Mega Man dragon.Stand-In Portrait : Inverted with the Vic Viper, which ends up being very useful to The Kid.Never Trust a Trailer : (Most of this shit does not appear in the game) Ninja Prop : Obvious parts of the background attack the Kid.So very, very many.