ik multimedia ampeg svx 64 bit

Ampeg SVX provides an extremely powerful tool for bass recording plus the ability to edit the amp settings up to the very final mix.
IK Multimedia AmpliTube 4 is the fully functional version.
Mesa/boogie and rectifier are trademarks of Mesa/Boogie Ltd.
Direct and amped signal controls for the best bass sound.
IK Multimedia AmpliTube reproduces the whole guitar, and bass flag fasten from instrument to recording gadget and performs in an extremely reasonable and instinctive way.Univox is a trademark of Korg USA Corporation.Effects include Chorus, Delay, Flanger, Phaser, Octaver, Wah, Auto Filter, Distortion, Graphic EQ and Compressor.Boss is a trademark of Roland Corporation.IK Multimedia AmpliTube latest version can work as an application for your favorite DAW tool.For the first time any musician, songwriter and producer can have an "all-in-one" affordable symbian s60v3 apps and games solution for bass recording in the new generation of computer-based studios.Shure is a registered trademark of Shure Incorporated.

Fender, stratocaster and the distinctive headstock designs displayed here, and all fender amplifiers, logos, and trade dress are the trademarks of fmic and used herein under license. .
All you need to get a realistic sounding bass cabinet recording is a bass, a good direct box, and Ampeg SVX.
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Electro-harmonix is a registered trademark of New Sensor Corporation.And for the price you can't beat.Reviewed Item, iK Multimedia AmpliTube, author Rating.This is a wonderful tool for not only bass players, but also for mixers, producers, and studios.Insira um número válido como valor do lance.PRO CO RAT is a trademark of ProCo Sound, Inc.I, normally, took the bass in by a direct line and an amplifier (Fender bassman).I havent had time to explore all the settings and features, I just picked a few of the presets and tried them out.