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21 Similarly, specific reference to section 302 tazrt-e-Hind daf tn-sau-do miami vice for psp iso ke tehet saz-e-maut " punishment of death under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code which covers the death penalty, have become part of common knowledge in the region due to repeated mentions.
7 Section 377 The Delhi High Court on gave a liberal interpretation to this section and laid down that this section can not be used to punish an act of consensual sexual intercourse between two same sex individuals.
The Times of India.Year 1 The Repealing Act, The Indian Penal Code Amendment Act, The Indian Penal Code Amendment Act, The Indian Oaths Act, The Indian Penal Code Amendment Act, The Code of Criminal Procedure, The Indian Criminal Law Amendment Act, The Indian Marine Act, The Metal Tokens.The drafting was completed in 1850 and the Code was presented to the Legislative Council in 1856, but it did not take its place on the statute book of British India until a generation later, following the Indian Rebellion of 1857.A b Lal Kalla, Krishan.The Outline is presented in the following table: 6 indian penal code, 1860 (Sections 1 to 511) Chapter Sections covered Classification of offences Chapter I Sections 1 to 5 Introduction Chapter II Sections 6 to 52 General Explanations Chapter III Sections 53 to.We will be providing full support and IPC and other law material on demand.

British Raj period in 1862.
Henry Scholberg, The return of the Raj: a novel, NorthStar Publications, 1992,. .
Alok Tomar; Monisha Shah; Jonathan Lynn, Ji Mantriji: The diaries of Shri Suryaprakash Singh, Penguin Books in association with BBC Worldwide, 2001, isbn,. .14 15 Death Penalty Sections 120B (criminal conspiracy 121 (war against the Government of India 122 (mutiny 194 (false evidence to procure conviction for a capital offense 302, 303 (murder 305 (abetting suicide 364A (kidnapping for ransom 364A (banditry with murder 376A (rape) have death.There is ongoing debate for abolishing capital punishment.This was so because the Code does not contain all the offences and it was possible that some offences might have still been left out of the Code, which were not intended to be exempted from penal consequences.10 In February 2015, the Legislative Department of the Ministry of Law and Justice was asked by the Government to prepare a draft Amendment Bill in this regard.