indian styles for yamaha keyboard

The methodology is same as I did for PSR-3000.
S910 - SuperMegaPlus Collection (SFF2) ( November 2015 ) This collection includes all Mega SFF2 styles of brother intellifax 2820 windows 8 Tyros3, Tyros4, Tyros5, CVP-509, CVP-609, CVP-709, PSR-S710, PSR-S650, PSR-S750, PSR-S950, PSR-S670, PSR-S770, and PSR-S970.
SlideClean (Starsphere in 3k) with sliding effects.
Copying and pasting styles, like the PSR1000 through Tyros3, is not possible on this keyboard.
This new format is continued in the PSR-S910/S710 keyboards and the CVP509 keyboard.It does take some time to complete these conversions, all of which are individually adjusted by onacimus.Specially the styles have Mega Voices to the level of S700.But some styles only in Ethnic category may not be useful for tyros and CVP owners.The sources for all the files are available in this Microsoft Excel file.Now, I have completed the "Pop Rock and "Ballad" categories.

Also, S5 uses Cool Bases and Guitars, especially Cool!
I made voice changes in tracks as well as in OTS to standard panel voices according to the availability of 2k voices.
In the Christmas Style set there are lot of Christmas Styles.S970 has all Mega voices mentioned above and related t!Although these conversion were made for the PSR-S910, they should also work fine on the PSR-S950/S750/S970/S770 and the Tyros3, Tyros4, and Tyros5 models.Oriental Standard Styles (March 2014) I have completed two sets of Oriental Styles from the PSR-A1000.The conversions for PSR2100 owners are provided below.Further, it also offer amazing feel of Qawwali style and devotional music.And styles having Oriental Voices (Nay, Er Hu, Di Zi,.) and Oriental Kits (Arabic1 and ArabicMix) in Ethnic category.They are from the Indian2, IndianDevotional, and IndianEntertainer Expansion packs for the PSR-S970.In those periods the master keyboards (like PSR 8000, 9000 and tyros) are PSR-70620 510 have IntroB and EndingB.