ios 5 backup to icloud vs computer

Step 1: Launch ne on your computer, after you have downloaded it math exercises multiplication and division and installed it on your computer and then select the option Recover from iTunes Backup File.
The best choice: use both together.
Compatible with latest iOS devices.
Digging further into the backup article I hit a link for transferring purchases in iTunes, which has changed from previous versions of iTunes.
The device actually doesn't back up many files; it backs up photos and videos, and settings, but mostly it stores a record of the apps installed on your iOS device and any other purchased content.The same cannot be said about your music or videos that werent purchased through iTunes, photos that arent stored in the local camera roll, your call history, homescreen arrangement, and loads of other data.Once you download the apps you can restore your backup to your new device and all your apps and their associated data will reappear on your iOS device.In the Backups section you'll see this: If you have checked This Computer, iTunes will back up your device every time you sync.I had on a killer Patagonia rain jacket that was supposed to be completely water proof, including the zippered front pockets, which is where I put my phone when the rains arrived.Actually, it's best to use both.Having a local backup is much more efficient; if you have to restore your device, you'll save a lot of time restoring it in iTunes from your local backup.You also have all of your content synced to the device when you restored not only what has been backed up, but all of your music, podcasts and books that you didn't buy from Apple.Even if you restore an app a few days later, that data will reappear.To enable iCloud Backup, you can either select the option from the settings for your iOS device in iTunes when it is connected, or you can do it from the iOS device itself.(If you have more than one device linked to your iCloud account, youll see them all here.) On this screen, you can choose exactly what gets backed up to iCloud.

So, I plugged in, backed up and got my phone replaced, and restored my backup from iTunes.
Recently I was hiking in the Adirondacks with my iPhone in my pocket when I got caught in a torrential rain storm.
How To, recommended, last week, we showed you how important it is to back up your data and some of the different backup options for Mac that you have available, and also explained how to keep your Mac backed up with and without Time Machine.
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Besides recovering data directly from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, it also allows you to recover data from iCloud and iTunes backup files, giving you 3 ways to get back lost or deleted files.When you restore from an iCloud backup, your purchased content is automatically downloaded from the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBookstore based on iTunes in the Cloud availability by country.To turn on iCloud backups, go to Settings iCloud Storage Backup.Ne - iOS Data Recovery, world's 1st iPhone and iPad data recovery software.You should be able to see all available iTunes backup for your device and others.By default, you have a free 5 GB iCloud account.Additionally, it can take a long time to re-create the setup of your iOS device; re-downloading all your apps, entering your user information, and organizing them on home screens can be a tedious process.Please download and install ne in advance before you'd like to recover data from iTunes.With the increasing amount of data we store on our phones and computers nowadays, the need for reliable and good backup solutions has increased multi times.Some were there and up to date, but most werent, although if I downloaded an app I knew I had before, it would show up exactly where it had been on my old phone with all the data intact.