itazura na kiss love in tokyo episode 2

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She has a habit of telling people things that are supposedly meant to be kept secret such as when she told Naoki's mother that he and Kotoko had scania truck driving simulator activation key kissed and when she told Naoki that Kin-chan had proposed to Kotoko.
Though she is driver turbo 3.0 crack not good in academics, she works hard to succeed.
She has had a one-sided love for the school's most popular boy since her freshman year of high school.
He has a hatred for Naoki due to the way he treats Kotoko and his cold attitude toward her, but also because he knows that Kotoko loves him.When Kotoko Aihara moves to her new temporary house, she is surprised to learn that Naoki Irie lives there as well.The Japanese series is the fifth television adaptation of the manga, following the Japanese.Main cast edit, kotoko Aihara is the protagonist.Later in the series, Naoki reveals that Kotoko was the reason he wanted to attend college and became a doctor (due to her suggesting that he could be one).She is a little more mature than the other two.Watch instantly or download for later.She is very smart and beautiful but she chose to go to a college that is below her standards is because she saw and fell in love with Naoki when she was in high school.She is crushed to see her letter was not even looked at and decides to give up on the jerk who rejected her without even reading.

She usually wears headphones around her neck and, along with Satomi, she looks out for Kotoko and adores her.
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Initially, he is very cold to Kotoko, but warms up to her as the story progresses.
Although he shows a cold attitude, she realizes she can't help but love him.
Shigeru Aihara is the father of Kotoko.He can be somewhat intimidating to other students at Tonan, particularly the bottom ranking class F, which Kotoko is a part.She falls in love with him immediately.Due to an incident with their new house, Kotoko and her father are forced to move out and now live with the Irie family.Irie The first one who portrayed Naoki Irie back in 1996.When he collapses due to health problems, Naoki takes over the company.