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Listen to this podcast » The Police, the Jews and Jack the Ripper: with Martin Fido April 27th, 2008 Duration: 01:17:46 This episode welcomes Martin Fido.
Joining the podcast as guest co-host is Coral Kelly from the Whitechapel Society.
August 18th, 2017, duration: 00:50:00, rippercast welcomes photographer and graphic designer Andrew Firth to the show to discuss his new book 'Ripperland'.
Name your file something simple like test1 and save it to your desktop.The.45 app Podreel performs the same task but uses a cleaner interface.In the Office: CEOs dish on how technology can change Austin's daily commute - crack for internet manager Technology has the potential to radically change workers' daily commutes, from a hyperloop that can whisk people between cities at hundreds of miles per hour to autonomous cars that efficiently navigate.Listen to this podcast » Ripperologist Magazine 21st Birthday Conference-Drew Gray September 5th, 2016 Duration: 00:43:03 The first speaker of Day One at the conference was Drew Gray, author of the book 'London's Shadows: The Dark Side of the Victorian City'.

Special guests joining Sarah Beth Hopton on this episode are Martin Fido and Robert McLaughlin.
He solving equations with exponents talk with us as well of London Jobs, rediscovered photographs, the Casebook Photo Archive, and a visit with the 17 September 'Jack the Ripper' letter.
However keep in mind that decent audio equipment will last forever if you take care.
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