loading jdbc driver sybase adaptive server enterprise failed

Examples of different connection strings are as follows: Connection strings for Sybase OLE DB Provider: For Sybase ASE OLE.5, an example connection string is as follows: Server Namesybserver;User For Sybase ASE OLE DB 15, an example connection string is as follows: Serversybserver;User aseoledb;Port5000;.
This mode is usually only used for troubleshooting or working with technical support.
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 9:43.Use advanced mode to provide a connection string.Hope this helps., alexandre Peshansky, snr.Jar river jdbc:ianywhere:DriverSQL Anywhere 10;DSN SQL Anywhere 11 Sample.0.1.So, to connect with SQL Anywhere 12 and mini pc games 2013 jdbc.0, all you need is something like the following line of code: Connection con tConnection( That concludes our history lesson.Bioinformatics Analyst, ictr/RIC, albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University (718) 430-2440.Suny Learning Environments - Bernie Durfee.Subject: Re: Squirrel-sql-users Sybase issues, perhaps you could post the form of the URL (replace actual hostname/ipaddress with host ) and the jdbc driver and version (both database server and client jdbc driver version).It has never failed to impress me as one of the most useful tools in my toolbox.

We tried it from several other machines, login, and locations in the company with the same results.
I have used fully qualified and IP address, with the same results.
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To refresh metadata Make sure that you are connected to the Adaptive Server.
In the, provider box, select any of the installed providers on the machine to connect to Sybase server.If the Sun bridge were present, it could be picked up and used instead, which lead to all sorts of unexpected behaviour.For example: Connection con tConnection( "jdbc:odbc:DriverAdaptive Server Anywhere.0;uiddba;PWDsql;engdemo" or, you could use an odbc data source like this: Connection con tConnection( "jdbc:odbc:DSN Adaptive Server Anywhere.0 Sample" SQL Anywhere.0.0.I originally posted this a few years ago to help people configure their Java applications to use the iAnywhere jdbc driver, which was replaced by the SQL Anywhere jdbc driver in SQL Anywhere version. .Here is my attempt to clarify things by following the history of the driver, starting with SQL Anywhere version.From: Robert Manning mailto:[email protected] river.0.0, sqlany12javasajdbc4.jar no longer required for jdbc.0.0, sqlany16javasajdbc4.jar no longer required for jdbc.0 adaptive Server Anywhere version.0 (aka SQL Anywhere.0 in version 9, SQL Anywhere supported jdbc.0 using an iAnywhere generic jdbc-odbc bridge driver (similar to but.This wasnt a problem for Windows, but our Linux and Unix customers often had problems with this. .