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BA K868 Last Train From Madrid, The (37) Lionel Atwill, Anthony Quinn and Dorothy Lamour - A conventional drama about the plight of a group of people waiting to board the last train out of a besieged Madrid.
Sex Three stories are told by a group of psychologists (one doing a bad Bela Lugosi imitation about their wildest cases, told to them by their patients.
Jeremy (Rick Ely the son of the town's mayor and was the leader of the group; Elizabeth (Hilary Thompson) his teenage girlfriend and helper; Isak (Louis Gossett,.) an ex-slave, and Henry (Alex Henteloff) the brains of the outfit.Also with Lyle Talbot and an un-credited Woody Strode parallels 8 activation as a mailman. .BA S977 Il Cavaliere Inesistente (69) aka: The Nonexistent Knight Where else are you going to see a strange fantasy film that contains live action with animated sequences involving nuns, the inquisition, knights, kings and queens.N168 Ferat Vampire (81) aka: Upír z Feratu aka: Vampire of Ferat - A doctor is shocked when his nurse (an ambulance psx emulator ps1 indowebster driver and former race car driver) signs a contract with a foreign car manufacturer 'Ferat headed by a sinister old lesbian, to work."Massacre in Rome" is the true story of how this partisan attack led to the mass execution of Italian nationals under the orders of SS-Lieutenant Colonel Kappler. .S919 Small World of Sammy Lee, The (63) aka: Cinque ore violente a Soho Strip club owner tries to stay one step ahead of bookies he owes money.K839 Extreme Life and Death 2 (The Blair Witch of Documentaries) (00) Car accident scenes, legs lopped off by trains, more corpses in Thailand.Vanishing scientists, dubious space missions, and a freak accident that kills the courier of a tape containing a secret radio message from an unmanned Mars probe which holds the key.There is only one man Doc can call on to help him.Soon he has a beautiful woman and together they face the harsh elements, a killer pterodactyl, and cannibal ape men.BA K748 Subway Riders (81) Bizarre film with innovative camera work and influential style about a psychotic schizoid saxophone player (played by both Amos Poe and John Lurie) who lures victims to deserted spots with his music and then guns them down.

K575 Rod Serling's "The Doomsday Flight" (66) A bomb on board an airliner has an altitude sensitive trigger.
With Jack Holt - Tagline: thrills iawless land where bulletavage MEN take what they crave!
BA P629 Girl on the Late Late Show, The (74) A television producer decides to find out the whereabouts of a retired actress whose career has long since faded.
Richard Greene and Nancy Kelly star.Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, Will Geer, Cicely Tyson, Ava Gardner and more.Here is the uncut Widescreen print that features the climatic nervous breakdown scene where O'Conner is groped by hordes of her adoring fans on a subway train!Nice print of this wild women flick with English Subtitles! .Agent who travels to Hong Kong to infiltrate an international smuggling ring, aided by the ravishing Rosanna Schiaffino.