making a xy graph in excel 2010

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Axis Titles from the, chart Elements drop-down list and click on the text fields to edit the font and text of each axis title.
Create a spread sheet in Excel 2013.About my voice - I know it sounds weird.You can choose from such formatting styles as font size, weight and color.Then look for Scatter with only markers and insert.Credit: Courtesy of Microsoft, step, click the arrow icon to view more options in the submenu.For example, we can insert a chart into a PowerPoint slide or use SmartArt to make awesome graphics.Select a range of table cells to make into an XY graph.Data Callout displays the data from both X and Y axes.Credit: Courtesy of Microsoft, step, click the plus sign beside the upper right corner of the graph and check items you want to add to the graph from the.

Select a range of table cells and click the icon in the corner.
Using Excel, you can add axis labels, values for specific points on the graph, a line connecting the points and other useful information.
Here we will show you how to insert a simple XY Scatter Chart in PowerPoint 2010 so you can compare two different variables.I want the first mp gk in hindi 2013 pdf column to be on the y axis instead.Credit: Courtesy of Microsoft, step.For example, create a temperature conversion table.Scatter plots are used widely on statistics as well as business fields or in medicine and bioinformatics.